How to enrol

We are thrilled you are considering Heathmont East Preschool for your child or children.

Heathmont East Preschool is a public, community-managed, not-for-profit preschool, funded by government in accordance with the National Quality Framework for Early Education and Care.

Our warm and experienced teachers use a child-centred, curiosity-driven, play-based educational programs, in line with the world-best practice and the Australian Early Years Learning Framework, which caters to all the developmental needs of children - preparing them not just for school, but for life. The programs are tailored to the individual needs and interests of each child, while also building all their skills, and broadening their interests and fostering a life-long love of learning.

We currently offer one group of 3 year old funded programs and three groups of 4 year old funded programs with each child doing 2 x 7.5 hour sessions per week (15 hours total), each targeted to the specific developmental needs and stages.

The proposed timetable for the 2025 program has just been approved, offering 15 hours a week for both 3 and 4 years. See the Parent Info page for more details.

Our fees for 2025 are based on current funding indications but are subject to change. For more information about the Free Kinder Program see here: Download

Enrolments for three and four year old groups are centralised through the Maroondah Integrated Kindergarten Association (MIKA). The enrolment process for both groups opens March 1st and closes on June 30th. All the required forms and extra information on enrolment criteria and allocations are on the MIKA website

Applications close on June 30th and all applications received by this date are treated equally. We encourage you to apply early so you don't forget. (We know life with little kids gets busy - and we don't want you to miss out on a place!)

Applications must be on the current, relevant (i.e. 3yo or 4yo) form from MIKA. Applications will still be accepted after June 30th, however, they will be considered as late applications and are held in order of receipt, to be actioned once all on time applications are placed, and only if any places remain.

In the best interest of our current students and teachers new enrolments will not be accepted in Term 4 unless your child is eligible for ESK (Early Start Kinder) or you have recently moved into the area and your child is not currently enrolled at another local service.

If you have any questions about enrolling your child at Heathmont East Preschool, please don't hesitate to contact our Enrolment Officer at and President at

Alternatively you can also contact the Preschool on 03 8799 4423 or email us at